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Reddit Daily 3D Challenge Renders

These are some of the models I created for the Reddit Daily 3D Challenge. The way it works is someone posts a random object in a topic and you try and create it. Everything was modeled, lit, textured, and rendered in Maya.

Jessica vira final record player with black handle

Daily Challenge: Record Player

Jessica vira close up of panel

Daily Challenge: Record Player Front Panel Close-up

Jessica vira close up of disk final version

Daily Challenge: Record Player Disc Close-Up

Jessica vira friot buwl v 6

Daily Challenge: Fruit Bowl

Jessica vira wheel 6

Daily Challenge: Medieval Torture Devices

Jessica vira mental ray render better

First Daily Challenge: Bowling

Jessica vira rendered sauna

Daily Challenge: Sauna

Jessica vira dream catcher image

Daily Challenge: Dream Catcher

Jessica vira fireextinguish

Daily Challenge: Fire Extinguisher

Jessica vira needle

Daily Challenge: Needle

Jessica vira newton cradle

Daily Challenge: Newton's Cradle

Jessica vira the bane of my existence

Daily Challenge: Annoyances

Jessica vira ladybug version 1

Daily Challenge: Ladybugs

Jessica vira streetlight

Daily Challenge: Traffic Lights

Jessica vira shiny watch version 3

Daily Challenge: Watch

Jessica vira tardis 3

Daily Challenge: Time Machine ( April/ 23 / 2016 )

Jessica vira final gathering image part 2
Jessica vira blender pic