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Dojo Hidden Passage

Created for the Gnomon monthly challenge. I've always wanted to find a hidden passage in a dojo, so I made one. Where or where could it be? So many options. Is it behind the scroll? In a floor panel? Behind one of the wooden panels? Under the center piece" Behind the picture frame? Like most things in Japan, the secret lies in sliding something.

Vesper jsvira s 1 dojo final image room shot
Vesper jsvira s 2 dojo close up
Vesper jsvira s 3 close up of hidden pssage
Vesper jsvira s 4 very close up of chest
Vesper jsvira s 5 close up of hidden passage
Vesper jsvira s 6 close up of hidden passage with stairs
Vesper jsvira s 7 stairs of hidden passage